Innova System Group
Air-Conditioning, Ventilation and Extraction systems


Air-conditioning, ventilation and extraction systems are designed to provide interior comfort, to stabilise humidity and temperature levels, and to clean the air of miscellaneous impurities. Our technical team is expert in air-conditioning, ventilation and extraction installations’ services, having the qualification certificates and the necessary skills. We deal directly with the leading fabrics, proposing coherent solutions that meet the needs of every client. All the installations are done under the strict technological lead and supervision.


· Domestic installations (wall mounted, cassette, ceiling, floor units, and ducts)
· Public buildings’ installations
· VRV vertical ducts
· Industrial installations
· Refrigerating installations
· Hybrid systems
· Industrial hybrid systems
· Heat recovery systems
· Outdoor air dehumidification systems
· Chillers (air – water, water – water)
· Industrial fan coil units
· Air curtains